Trimming & Removal

Every year homeowners make the decision to remove one or more trees on their property. Removing the trees must always be done in a safe manner to avoid property damage or personal injury. Ashcraft Tree Service is well trained in the area of cutting down any tree anywhere. We know in what order and in what direction to begin cutting a tree. We carefully analyze the area in which each branch will land assuring complete safety in the fall.

There are many unpredictable problems that can arise from any branch falling…on occasion the branches can break and bounce to areas not considered. We are practiced in knowing all areas of safety and precaution when considering the removal of any tree.

Dead Wooding
In order to maintain the over-all health of your trees the specialized trimming procedure of deadwooding is critically necessary. The term deadwooding is used in reference to the removal of dead, dying or diseased branches within the tree. Deadwooding creates a safe and sanitary environment and resistance against insect infestation for all of the trees in the vicinity and provides the utmost of aesthetically pleasing tree.

Mid to late fall is a great time to have your trees pruned or thinned. The leaves are gone so the structure and condition of the tree can be easily seen, analyzed and trimmed or thinned to improve the shape and health of the tree. No matter whether you have a deciduous tree (one that loses its leaves) or an evergreen, the process of pruning and thinning is important for the tree, for your property and for you. The following outlines several reasons why you should call Ashcraft Tree Service to take care of your trees…

If you take pride in the appearance of your yard and property, the most obvious reason for pruning a tree is to reshape it so that it is more attractive. Every year trees grow, producing longer or additional branches. We have the knowledge, skills and tools to properly cut back and remove branches to improve the appearance of the trees in your yard.

Probably more important than appearance is structure. We can analyze a tree and determine what should be removed to keep a tree strong and stable. Structurally unsound trees not only cause damage to themselves, but cause thousands of dollars damage to buildings, cars, other trees and plants and sometimes cause injury to people. Having a tree professionally pruned or thinned minimizes the risk of damage.

One of the most important reasons to have Ashcraft Tree Service maintain your trees for you is that we are knowledgable about the signs of an ailing tree. Our training allows us to recognize when an area of a tree is infested with insects or is dying and rotting, posing a potential health hazard to you and your property. We can prune away broken or diseased branches and thin branches to maintain a healthy structure avoiding damage or destruction of the tree. And, if the insect damage or rot should be too extensive, we can advise you to remove the tree to prevent damage or injury to people, pets or property.

Most home or property owners do not have the tools, ladders or lifts to effectively and safely prune or thin their own trees and put themselves at risk in trying to maintain their own trees. We have the equipment to do the job safely and effectively.