Stump Removal

Remove unwanted tree stumps In order to remove stumps from your property there are two common options: grinding the stump, or digging the stump out with a mechanical excavator.

Stump Grinding is the preferred method for stump removal in most situations as it limits the extent of site disturbance and impact.

Ashcraft Tree Service can efficiently complete your tree removal project whether you have one stump on a steep incline in the back yard that can only be accessed through a gate, or an entire site riddled with stumps.

The process of stump grinding is done with the use of a cutting wheel that moves back and forth across the stump surface, chewing it into chip sized pieces. During the standard stump grinding process we would grind an area approximately 1.5 times the width of the stump to a depth of 6 to 18 depending on the presence of rocks and other obstructions. We can grind more extensively if requested.

When finished, a mound approximately three times the size of the stump remains. This material is left on your site for your use or disposal. If you request, we can remove these grindings for an additional fee. Utility companies will be called in if needed, however, items such as down spout drains, water lines, personally installed electric lines or irrigation lines and sprinklers, would be your responsibility to clearly mark and display.

The grinder can leave some markings in the landscape from the line to the stump during travel across the terrain; care will be taken to make these as minor as possible. In situations where turf damage is a significant concern, we can cover the path with plywood if requested prior to the date on which the stump grinding is scheduled.